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Video: Carpenter Bee Trap Explained

You can see here that my Carpenter Bee Trap has a bottle full of bees. I’ll tell you exactly how it works.

My Carpenter Bee Trap has a hole which imitates a carpenter bee’s natural nest. When a carpenter bee enters the trap, he quickly decides it is not a good place to live. The bee tries to exit and, much like any other insect, he flies towards light. Since he is drawn to the light, the bee ends up in the bottle, and falls to the bottom.

It is important to know that carpenter bees bee emit a smell, specifically a strong pheromone which attracts more bees to the trap. Once you attract a few bees in the trap it is important to leave them in the bottle because of the pheromone they release. Overtime, you should end up with a full bottle of bees. A full bottle is about 200 carpenter bees.

Once the bottle is full you will need to discard it, but the great news is that your trap already smells like bees. Simply throw the bottle away and screw on a new empty water or coke bottle.

We have many different styles of Carpenter Bee Traps, but the invention on all our traps is hole which imitates a natural carpenter bee nest. This is a patented bee trap and we sell it online at Plus, we have a 100% money back guarantee.

When it comes to trap placement, the best place is on the sunny side of your house, on the peaks and corners. These traps attract bees and prevent you from getting a house full of holes! Once we built our wood house, we didn’t want the house getting drilled by carpenter bees so we invented this trap.