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Video: Best Carpenter Bee Trap Information

Hi, I’m Brian Blazer, the inventor of the patented Carpenter Bee Trap.

This is my bee trap. The best bee trap works the best, because it is designed the best. Anyway, you can see that I already have a carpenter bee buzzing around in there.

Bee season is really not on us yet, because the trees haven’t started budding out. When you see them around this early in the season, the first ones are usually in a trap. And you can that there are carpenter bee buzzing around in my trap alive — he is ready to get out!

You will notice this trap is completely full of carpenter bees. These dead carpenter bees are bait for your trap. Now, you can’t have any water in your trap. If your trap gets rainwater in it, drill a little hole in the bottom of the bottle so the water drains out. That way your trap stays dry — because dry carpenter bees release a great smell to other carpenter bees. Not only is there a sex pheromone which attracts the male and female bees, but there is also a smell of dead bees bees give off. When a carpenter bee smells a dead bee in a trap, he wants to go in the hole and clean out the dead bees. He wants to reuse the chamber so he doesn’t need to drill a new elaborate nest chamber.

You know out in the woods, carpenter bees are drilling in the underside of tree limbs. But we have a problem because they drill into people’s houses. And when the bees start infesting your house, they can cause a serious amount of damage. So what you want to do is hang your bee trap on the sunny side, on the corners and peaks of your building. If you have dead bees, that is great as it is bait for your trap. They will naturally get caught if you hang your trap because they are looking for a nest site early in the Spring. But if you want to bait up your trap, knock one down with a tennis racket and put in your trap. He will release the smell which attracts more bees to your trap. The more bees in there, the better it works.

If the bottle gets completely full, unscrew it and put another plastic bottle on the trap. Your trap is already going to smell like dead bees because once you have a bottle full of bees in your trap the sun beats on there and the pheromone smell will soak into the wood. It will make your trap great.

If your bottle is full and you need to throw it away, go ahead. Simply, screw another bottle on there. Don’t worry, your trap is going to work just as well because it is already pre-scented with the bees that were in there previously.

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