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What is Carpenter Bee Butter?

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new Carpenter Bee Butter!

Carpenter Bee Butter is an all natural blend of enzymes, glycerin, peppermint oil, sodium borate and petroleum gel. This butter is the perfect partner for successfully terminating and plugging up active carpenter bee nests. Many times these active nests are the reason your carpenter bee traps are not working as well as you’d like since the bees have no reason to search for a new home. Carpenter bees are highly territorial and remain blind to anything other than their nest once it has been created.

The butter is applied to the entrance of a carpenter bee nest to make it difficult for any bees who occupy the nest to travel through the butter. Unlike traditional pesticides, our bee butter does not require the carpenter bees to digest for effectiveness. Only a small amount of butter needs to get stuck on the carpenter bee and you will get rid of the pest for good. The results are that fast!

Carpenter Bee Butter

To use, simply apply a small ¼” dab to the nest entrance. If the nest is treated at night, proceed to plug the holes with wooden corks immediately after. If the holes are treated during the day, wait 24 hours before plugging. This will ensure all carpenter bee residents come in contact with the Carpenter Bee Butter.

You may be thinking, why do the holes need to be plugged if the carpenter bees are dead? Patching up these holes to be flush with the existing exterior will deter
arpenter bees from nesting there in the future and prevent carpenter bee predators, such as woodpeckers, from digging out any dead carpenter bees still back in the nest.

Once the holes are all plugged up, simply place your carpenter bee traps up and you are set for the rest of the year! It’s almost too simple.

The results from the Carpenter Bee Butter are overwhelmingly fast and effective. You can’t go wrong with adding Carpenter Bee Butter to your pest control arsenal.

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